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Flower gardening provides both an potentially relaxing hobby and a way to add beauty to your outdoor living space. The wide variety of blossom colors and plant types offer you a versatile palette of options for planning and implementing your flower beds and borders.


Flowers fall into three basic categories that each add distinct features to a garden: annuals, perennials and bulbs.


Planning ahead prevents confusion when it comes time to buy flowers for the garden. Garden design is successful because it takes into consideration the garden's location, its overall size, and the size of the plants. Good garden design harmonizes unity and balance with individuality.


Flowers may be grown from seed or transplanted directly to the beds. The location of the garden needs to provide sufficient light and adequate drainage depending on the types of flowers planted there.


Flower gardens will thrive if kept watered, weeded and fertilized. Deadheading spent blooms encourages new growth.

Pest Control

Among methods to control pests are chemical pesticides and horticultural oils.


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