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Traditionally, Valentine's Day on February 14 is a celebration of love, with bouquets of red roses and boxes of candy being among the most popular gifts. Valentine lollipop flowers can range from a single lollipop tucked into a fanciful card fashioned from craft paper, to beautifully decorated baked goodies and home-cooked hard candy packaged in a box made to look like a flowering garden. Valentine's Day, lollipops and flowers are an ideal combination, but each has its own interesting history too.


It is possible that cavemen were the first to enjoy "lollipops" when they used sticks to retrieve honey. More recently, in the early 1900s, the owner of a candy factory reportedly took sticks of residue hard candy home to his children as treats at the end of the manufacturing day, thus creating some of the earliest "lollipops."


Scientists believe that roses have been in existence for millions of years, and that human ancestors discovered which flowers were edible thousands of years ago. The more modern concept of valentine lollipop flowers brings together the best of all three worlds.


Esther Allen Howland (1828 to 1904), "the mother of the valentine card," would probably have approved of valentine lollipop flowers. Her father owned a stationery store in Worcester, Massachusetts. When he imported a stock of valentine cards, she was inspired to design and manufacture her own exclusive line, decorating each work of art with elegant laces, ribbons, satins and silks. Demand for her valentines was so great that she established an assembly line production system to complete the thousands of orders she received. She might have enjoyed creating special lollipop flower cards like those displayed at the Disney Family Fun website, which provides clear instructions on how to make these hand-crafted cards.

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Legend has it that Saint Valentine was a priest who lived in 3rd-century Rome, at a time when the Emperor Claudius II forbade young men to marry because he thought they would be better soldiers in his army if they remained single. According to legend, Saint Valentine secretly married many young couples, the triumph of love over tyranny. No doubt many of these young brides would have appreciated valentine's bouquets of flower lollipops. At online stores like the Candy Warehouse, flower lollipops are available in yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, green and blue, in packages of 120 each.

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Another legend is of a young man named Valentine. While in prison, he fell in love with a young woman thought to be the daughter of the warden. Valentine wrote a love letter to her and signed it "From Your Valentine," immortalizing this romantic phrase. Given the opportunity, he would probably have opted to send an accompanying lollipop flower gift, like one of the many interesting items at MakingFriends.com, ranging from I Love You Candy to Candy Kiss Roses.

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