The Best Pots for Indoor Plants

Because your indoor plants are dependent on you for all their needs, such as fertilizer, sunlight and moisture, the type and size of flower pot you use is also important. Many different styles and colors of flower pots are available to use for indoor plants. However, some are better than others because they provide better drainage, protect the plants from drying out quickly and are more attractive.

Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are made from fired clay and provide the closest thing to a natural environment to the plants. When used indoors they allow the soil to breathe and prevent plants from sitting in water for long periods of time. Pots that provide drainage in the bottom will need a tray to collect water and protect furniture or floors.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are desirable because of the wide variety of colors and styles. Ceramic pots can be purchased without drainage holes, but for most house plants drainage holes are desirable. A ceramic pot can become heavy when full of moist soil.


Fiberglass pots are becoming more popular because of the ability of fiberglass to be molded into just about any shape. Many fiberglass pots resemble terra-cotta pots but they are much lighter even when filled with plants and soil.

Metal Pots

Metal pots that look like tin, bronze or silver look great in the home and are a popular way to present a houseplant as a gift. Although attractive, they are prone to leaks and you may need to drill drainage holes into the bottom of the container before using. Otherwise, they are an attractive container for house plants.

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