Ideas for Gardening Slopes

Don't let a slope deter you from creating a lush and elegant garden along your hillside. Instead, think of it as a spot to create your own colorful design using your favorite flowers and plants. Mix in different heights and shapes along the garden slope to fill in otherwise unused space. Accent the slope with solar lights nestled within the garden for a magical and inviting feel to your space.


Fill out a sloped garden space using perennial shrubs. Evergreen bushes like cedar and holly are gorgeous planted on a sloped hill and will help fill out the garden while remaining their vibrant green all year round. Add seasonal color by planting butterfly bushes and hydrangea to the space, which prefer the well-drained soil of a sloped garden. For variety, plant a smoke bush and ornamental grass shrubs along the garden staircase. Both, with their billowing nature, will add an element of surprise in the space.

Garden Staircase

Gardening slopes are the perfect area for installing a stone staircase, an important element to your sloped outdoor landscape. Adding a staircase creates an inviting addition to your garden and leads you to and from your back or front door. Use tumbled flagstone or slate for a long-lasting and weatherproof garden path. These stones have neutral earth tone colors, perfect for blending in with your garden landscape. For a dramatic path, create a three-to four-foot wide path down the slope or for smaller spaces, lay one stone in front of each other for a narrow, yet functional garden staircase. Don't forget to add a creeping thyme along the path for a fragrant smell while walking down your staircase.


Color is essential along your garden slope and can be achieved using spring bulbs, perennial and annual flowers. Begin by planting tulip, crocus and daffodil bulbs, which begin their blooms in April and last through the beginning of summer. For a gorgeous summer-blooming flower, plant the ever-vibrant zinnia flower, which come in a range of colors including yellow, orange, crimson, pink and white. Along the slope, plant annuals like pansies and geraniums for bright punches of color. Don't forget to add the hardy and drought-resistant blanket flower to the slope. This colorful perennial flower has daisy-like blooms and bright flower heads in orange and red, the perfect contrast to your garden.

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