Rose Types & Varieties

Roses are often referred to as the most romantic bloom--they're well-loved, and popularly given as a sweetheart gift, from Valentine's Day to birthdays. There are thousands of types of roses, each named by its breeder and approved by the American Rose Society registration committee. A great many roses are named after people; for this type of rose, the American Rose Society requires a letter of authorization from the named person, before it can be approved. It is nearly impossible to name all the different varieties of roses, as new ones are created by breeders every day.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea (long-stemmed) roses are popular with florists and their customers, as they're popularly given as gifts. This type was created by mixing the Chinese rose and European rose in the 1800s. With a large single rose that projects stately elegance, this rose has been known as the hybrid that took roses into the modern lifestyle. Some popular hybrid tea roses include Black Magic (dark red), Peace (yellow edged in pink), Christian Dior (red), Forty Niner (red and yellow with black spots), Helmet Schmidt (yellow), Mister Lincoln (red) and Tiffany (pink with yellow).

Climbing Roses

A climbing rose will remind you of a vine, as it attaches itself and climbs as it grows. You may have seen these plants decorating outdoor trellises, walls, fences and arbors. Many of the varieties are deer-resistant, which is a blessing if you live in a rural area, as deer usually love to eat roses. A garden décor that includes climbing roses will add to a country or English garden theme. Some popular climbing rose varieties include: Don Juan (red), American (coral pink), Fourth of July (red and white stripe), Sally Holms (white), Blaze (red), New Dawn (pink) and Golden Showers (yellow).

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses (minis) are small versions of larger rose types, blooms and foliage. The first known rose of this type was actually found growing on its own in Switzerland in 1919. It was named Rosa roulette. This variety can still be found today. Because of their delicate appearance, you might think miniature roses would be difficult to grow. This rose type is actually very hardy, however, and fairly easy to grow. Of all the types of roses, the miniature rose is the perfect container plant. Some well-liked miniature rose varieties include Peach Candy (peach), Doris Bennett (bright pink), Jean LaJoie (mauve), Baby Austin (salmon), Café Ole (creamed coffee) and Black Jade (deep burgundy).

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