How To Decorate With Flowers for a Birthday


Flowers can add a special touch to a birthday party, whether it's an elegantly appointed party for that special lady in your life, or a colorful, fun party for a sweet little girl. Fresh flowers add both beauty and elegance to a birthday party, and if you have a cut flower garden, they are less expensive than purchasing silk flowers.

Step 1

Choose a theme. This can be based on colors or on the type of flower. White and pink roses, for example, are beautiful and elegant for a sweet 16 birthday party, while colorful bouquets of wildflowers are festive for a little girl's "garden tea party" themed birthday.

Step 2

Use wet floral foam and the container of your choice to make a centerpiece for the gift or buffet table. These can be a simple as a few stems inserted into a vase, or as elaborate as an arrangement created out of flowers, candy and costume jewelry attached to the ends of barbecue skewers and inserted into the floral foam.

Step 3

Cover the cake with flowers. Remove the petals from roses and sprinkle them all over the cake, or use tiny vials full of water to keep fresh flowers alive until it's time to cut the cake. Cut the stems down to an inch, insert them into the vials and then insert the vials into the cake. Group the flowers as a bouquet, or spread them evenly around the cake.

Step 4

Make a beautiful garland to hang over the door or on the back of the birthday girl's chair. Choose sturdy flowers, such as carnations. Start with a garland form, which can be found at any craft store, and attach each carnation with floral wire until the form is covered with flowers.

Step 5

Add flowers to the tops of birthday presents instead of traditional bows. Use the individual vials of water to keep them fresh, or add the flowers right before you present the gifts to prevent them from wilting. Attach them with tape or hot glue or simply slip the stems under the ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers
  • Floral foam
  • Vase or other container
  • Scissors
  • Individual flower water vials
  • Garland form
  • Floral wire


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