Designs for Planting Flower Bulbs

Planting flower bulbs in your garden is a foolproof way to grow colorful flowers. Most varieties of bulbs will continue to bloom for many years, increasing their numbers as the years go by. They can be planted in their own beds, among other flowering plants, or naturalized in your yard.

Flower Border

Plant flower bulbs in the flower border among perennial flowers and flowering bushes and shrubs. Plant bulbs in groups of 3 to 5 rather than individually, for a larger impact.

Horizontal Layers

Create a bulb garden. Dig out the flower bed to a depth that is twice the diameter of the largest variety of bulb that you are planting. Plant the largest bulbs at the bottom of the hole and partially cover with soil. Then place the next largest bulbs at a depth that is equal to twice their diameter. Repeat with the remaining bulbs. This will give you a long season of bloom, as each variety of flower bulb will bloom at a different time. Because you're taking advantage of vertical space, you're able to plant more bulbs in the same space.


Plant bulbs in drifts, as they would naturally grow in the wild. Dig out the spot where you will naturalize the bulbs to a depth equal to twice the bulbs' diameter. Toss a handful of bulbs into the hole. Plant them where they fall, for the most natural effect. Plant 2 to 4 bulbs within a few inches of each bulb you tossed. A more pleasing effect is achieved when they are planted in odd numbers. Repeat with your remaining bulbs.

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