Information About Black Mulch


Mulch is a soil additive used by gardeners to prevent soil erosion, retain moisture and moderate soil temperature. Mulches are available in several colors, including black. Black mulch is commonly used in outdoor planters and flowerbeds.


The most common types of black mulches are black plastic mulch and black paper mulch. Black mulch can also be made from shredded hardwood, recycled tires and bark chips.


Black plastic mulch warms the soil and is typically used for growing plants in cooler seasons. Black paper mulch is a renewable resource that is easily combined with soil.


Many gardeners find black mulch to be aesthetically appealing in the garden. The black color adds a sharp contrast when used with light-colored plants and flowers.


Gardeners living in hot climates may find that black mulch makes plants too warm. This is particularly true for fall-blooming flowers, such as mums.

Potential Problems

The chemicals or dyes used to create black mulch occasionally leach into the ground. This can harm the surrounding flowers and plants.

Interesting Fact

Most mulching manufacturers use nontoxic vegetable dyes or charcoal to produce black mulch. Labels should specify the mulch is nontoxic to humans and animals.


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  • USDA: Mulching
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