How to Make a Flower Crown


Fresh flowers make a lovely headpiece for a bridesmaid, bride or flower girl. The flower crown lasts for 48 hours or so if misted with water, placed in a closed zipper bag and kept in the refrigerator. It's not difficult to make a flower crown, although it does take patience and a bit of time.

Step 1

Wrap the pipe cleaner with floral tape, stretching the tape as you wrap it around the pipe cleaner. Attach one pipe cleaner to the other by twisting the ends together and then flattening them out in opposite directions against the cleaner. Tape over the juncture. The finished wrapped base should fit snugly over the top of the head but not tightly.

Step 2

Make bundles of flowers by selecting a larger flower and a sprig or two of baby's breath, three medium flowers and two small flowers and sprigs of baby's breath. The bundles should have stems of no more than 2 inches long. Wrap the bundles with floral tape just under the blossoms by twisting the tape as you wrap.

Step 3

Lay the bundles out on the table, overlapping them so the flowers are close together. The number of bundles needed will vary on how big the flower crown will be. An adult will require a larger crown than a child and therefore more flowers. Make enough bundles to cover the length of the pipe cleaner base.

Step 4

Begin at one end of the wrapped pipe cleaners about 1 inch from the end. Hold the flower bundle against the cleaner with one hand, then attach it to the cleaner with the floral tape by twisting and stretching the tape around the flower stems and the cleaner with the other hand. Do not cut the tape. Lay the next bundle so the flowers are right up against the first bundle. Wrap the stems onto the cleaner with the tape. Alternate a large-flower bundle, a three-medium-flowers bundle and a two-small-flowers bundle as you go until you reach about 1 inch from the end. Don't cut the tape between bundles, but if it breaks it's O.K. to start with a new piece of tape.

Step 5

Bend each end into a hook. Wire a ribbon and streamers to one end. Hook the crown together.

Tips and Warnings

  • Handle the crown as little as possible after it's finished to minimize flower breakage.

Things You'll Need

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Floral tape
  • Flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon


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