How to Make Your Greenhouse Into a Rainforest


Before attempting to make a greenhouse into a rainforest, you'll have to understand the conditions. During any given year, rainforests receive between about 50 and 250 inches of rainfall, or 100 inches on average. The humidity ratings are between 77 percent and 88 percent, with an average temperature of around 93 degrees F. Meeting those conditions is the first step to turning your greenhouse into a rainforest, and anyone with solid DIY experience will be able to undertake this task.

Step 1

Build your misting sprinkler system by first connecting it to a constant water supply with the supplied connector(a regular faucet will work), then using kit instructions, running PVC piping around the greenhouse to ensure that the entire planting area will get misted. Pipe mounts, connectors and misting sprinklers are all included in the kit with instructions for do-it-yourself installation.

Step 2

Install a heating system. In sunny climes, the sunlight may keep your greenhouse temperatures at the level of rainforest temperatures day and night, but greenhouses in northern climes may need to be heated at night and possibly during the day in the fall and winter.

Step 3

Adjust both your heating system and sprinkler system to give you the right amount of heat and humidity. Use your humidity gauge to program your automated watering system for the correct and constant humidity needed. This may take a few days or weeks of tweaking to get it exactly right.

Things You'll Need

  • Automated misting sprinkler system kit
  • PVC pipes
  • Heating system
  • Humidity gauge


  • Blue Planet Biomes: The Tropical Rain Forest

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