Plant Gifts for Anniversary

Whether it's a wedding anniversary, years of service on a job or the marking of some other personal endeavor, there's a plant to celebrate the occasion. Each year of an anniversary comes with its own symbol and there is a plant that appropriately corresponds. While there are many types of gifts that can be given for an anniversary, plants suit practically anyone.

First Anniversary

The first anniversary is traditionally honored with a gift of some type of paper. For flowers, there is actually a paper flower, properly known as bougainvillea.

Fifth Anniversary

A fifth anniversary is celebrated with a gift made of wood. Zantedeschia, commonly called highwood, blooms beautiful white flowers and makes an ideal gift.

Tenth Anniversary

Anniversaries celebrating the decade milestone are honored with gifts of tin or aluminum. The pilea, commonly known as the aluminum plant, fits the bill nicely for this occasion.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary

Twenty five years of marriage, service or any type of reunion are marked with silver. Plant-wise, giving silver vine, or properly called scindapsus pictus is fitting for this anniversary.

Fiftieth Anniversary

Gold is the symbol of anniversaries marking half a century. When giving a plant for a fiftieth anniversary, a couple of options are available. Florex gold, as its name implies is a deep, pure yellow. Soleil d'or, or gold sun, is another plant to consider.

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