Indoor Gardenscape Ideas

If you are interested in creating an indoor gardenscape, use potted plants to create it. Potted tropical indoor plants are portable, easily replaceable and available in a variety of shapes, sizes and leaf colors. Using potted plants allows you to easily switch out your plant material to take advantage of seasonal plants for holiday decorating or simply for a change of pace.

Create a Room Divider

Install a planter box as a room divider and fill it with a mixture of large, medium and small potted plants. Create a similar effect by grouping large potted plants to create a room divider.

Install Glass Shelves in Non-Opening Window

Create a focal point out of a window by installing glass shelves next to the window pane of a non-opening picture or bay window. Attach the shelf brackets to the window trim so the shelves are right next to the window glass. Fill the shelves with small and medium potted plants, indoor flowering plants or herbs.

Install a Mini-Greenhouse Window Insert

Make a mini-greenhouse out of a kitchen window by installing a greenhouse insert. This is similar to a bay window because it juts out toward the outside from the surface of the wall. It has windows on three sides so the plants receive sun nearly all day, particularly if it is a south-facing window.

Create a Hanging Indoor Garden

Make a hanging garden in a sunny room. Hang plants from hooks attached to the ceiling. Position sun lovers near the windows and those that require lower light levels farther away from the windows. Use shorter hangers on plants that are not hanging at the perimeter of the room so people can safely walk beneath them without bumping their heads.

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