Growing Flowers in a Grassy Patch


Gardeners can create a mini-meadow right in their own yards and have a rainbow of colors in the midst of tender blades of grass. Growing flowers in a grassy patch requires a little extra effort in terms of planting but is fairly easy to maintain. Once in bloom, flowers in a grassy area will provide depth and interest to an otherwise one-dimensional part of a landscape.

Step 1

Prepare the ground for growing the flowers. Make a good seed bed that is low in fertile soil. (Fertile soil is undesirable because it can encourage rampant growth of weeds and some grasses.) Remove the top 5 to 10 cm of topsoil with a shovel to achieve this effect. Use a garden rake to rake out the area and then tamp it out with a small roller.

Step 2

Choose the right type of flower seeds. Incorporate flowers that are suitable for a grassy area like violets, crocus and daffodils. Create a cornfield flower patch if the soil remains too fertile, despite your efforts. Plant cornflowers, poppies and corn marigolds for a striking combination.

Step 3

Sow the seeds at the right time. Wait until early fall to plant seeds in a grassy patch. (This will give the seeds an opportunity to germinate over the winter months and bloom in the spring.) Mix the seeds with sand or sawdust for an even spread of seed mix. Spread the seeds at the correct rate to avoid overcrowding, 1 gram of grass mix per square meter is a good rule of thumb.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Garden rake
  • Roller
  • Sand


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