Types of Gerbera Daisies

The Gerbera daisy, an ornamental annual in the sunflower family, is native to Africa, South America and Asia. While Gerbera daisies are divided into two groups, small and large, each variety's most important distinction is the type of petals, as the small and large group contains all four bloom types.

Single Bloom

Single bloom Gerbera daisies are the least complex of the Gerbera daisies. The single bloom looks more like a regular daisy than any of the others. There are no inner petals and the outer petals are only one layer thick. They range in colors from yellow to white.

Semi-double Bloom

Semi-double bloom Gerbera daisies are more complex than the single bloom types. There are two rows of petals and a slight double bloom in the center. They range in colors from bright red, yellow to a variety of pinks.

Double Bloom

Double bloom Gerbera daisies have the most complex and interesting bloom. The petals are usually doubled or tripled and they have a number of tiny double blossoms on the inside of the flower as well. Double bloom Gerbera daisies come in a wide variety of colors like red, yellow, white, pink and orange.

Spider Bloom

Spider bloom Gerbera daisies have long spindly petals like the legs of a spider. Their blooms are usually smaller than other Gerbera daisies as well, although they do come in a splash of colors from red to pink.

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