How to Use a Rototiller


A Rototiller is a must-have piece of equipment for any sizable landscaping jobs. It can be used to break up dirt for a garden bed or lawn, or to break up grass or level dirt for construction. These useful tools can be purchased or rented from most home improvement stores and they're quite easy to use. They operate much like self-propelled lawnmowers and simply need to be guided over the soil. However, to ensure your safety, make sure that you familiarize yourself with your rototiller's operating manual.

Step 1

Clear the area. Remove any visible rocks, plants and other debris. If you plan to plant the area, you must remove any weeds and their root systems. If merely turned into the soil, they will crop up again.

Step 2

Start in one corner of the area you have cleared. Turn on the rototiller and set the engine to neutral. Position the rototiller to till a straight row along the edge of the cleared area.

Step 3

Adjust the roto-tiller's depth guide to the desired depth.

Step 4

Turn on the engine. Guide the rototiller in a straight line and take care to move at a consistent pace so the depth of the row will be consistent. Once you reach the end of the row, turn the rototiller to neutral. Then position yourself to make the next row so that it overlaps the first by 6 inches. Engage the engine and continue down the row. Repeat until the entire area is tilled.

Step 5

Turn off the rototiller and add any soil amendments to the soil.

Step 6

Go over the area a second time. This time, make your rows at a 90-degree angle to the first set.

Step 7

Go over the soil a third time. This time move across the area in diagonal rows.

Step 8

Hose the blades of the rototiller off after you use it.


  • How to Use a Roto-Tiller
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