How to Prepare a Topiary


Topiaries are a creative means of presenting vines and climbing plants in the garden. Topiaries can be made from ivy, roses or even grape vines and can be prepared to form any shape desired. When preparing for a topiary creation, be sure to verify that the desired plant will thrive in your climate to perpetuate the fullest topiary.

Growing a Topiary

Step 1

Choose a shape for the topiary. Common shapes for topiaries include animals, circles, spheres and arches.

Step 2

Form the shape with the chicken wire and staple support dowels to it as necessary. Be sure that the topiary has plenty of support so that the final product will not collapse during a storm or from its own weight.

Step 3

Stuff the inside of the topiary with sphagnum moss. This will enable greater moisture to be maintained across the shape of the topiary and give it a fuller effect as it is filling out.

Step 4

Plant the desired climbing plant at the base of the topiary near an area where it can begin to climb.

Step 5

Prune the plant regularly as close to the frame as possible and incorporate any wayward vines back onto the wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Chicken wire
  • Staple Nailer
  • Wooden support dowels
  • Moss
  • Climbing plant such as ivy


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