How to Water Plants With Soda Water


Soda water -- or carbonated water -- contains certain micro-nutrients that play an important role in a plant's growth. These include carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur and potassium. Since plants absorb nutrients through their roots, using soda water may speed up a plant's growth compared with those watered with tap water. In addition, they may be more healthy in color, be more lush and full, and bloom more flowers.

Step 1

Keep the soda water at room temperature. Cold water can slow down a plant's growth.

Step 2

Water your plants in the evening or morning, especially for those in a sunny location. This will help minimize evaporation.

Step 3

Water under the entire canopy of the plant, not just around the stems. Most plants need a thorough watering. Water slowly until the water starts to seep out of the bottom of the plant's container. Not much should come out if you watered slowly enough.

Step 4

Repeat the watering according to the plant's irrigation needs, temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature and lower the humidity, the more you will have to water your plants. Some plants need be consistently moist, while others need to be dried out between waterings. Succulents such as cacti rarely need to be watered.


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