How to Choose the Right Color Roses to Send


The next time you decide to send someone roses, stop and think for a moment. The color you choose can send a powerful message to the recipient. For centuries, roses have been used to convey messages through the color selected. Each rose color has a unique meaning. When shopping for roses, think carefully when picking your favorite shade, so that the person you are sending them to gets the message you intended.

Step 1

Consider your relationship with the person you are giving roses and the occasion for which you are sending them. Think about the reason you are giving them as a gift and the meaning of rose colors to make the right choice.

Step 2

Send red roses if you are having them delivered to your lover to let them know you are filled with passion and desire. Popular for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, apologies, proposals and special occasions, classic red roses are the perfect way to say, "I love you."

Step 3

Choose pink roses if you wish to show affection or gratitude to someone with whom you are not in a romantic relationship. Pink roses are also a symbol of femininity and romance for a more subtle expression of love and affection.

Step 4

Use lavender roses to show someone that you've fallen in love with them at first sight. Lavender roses show the object of your affection that you are enchanted with them and you wish to get to know them better.

Step 5

Pick white roses when new beginnings are involved, or when you want them to represent innocence and purity. White roses are perfect gifts for brides, to offer condolences, for a child or to tell a family member that you love them.

Step 6

Select yellow roses as a sign of friendship. Cheerful looking yellow roses are the perfect symbol to show a friend you care. If you find that your feelings of friendship for someone are beginning to turn to feelings of romantic love, look for yellow roses with red tips.

Step 7

Share orange roses with a lover when you are feeling adventurous and enthusiastic. Let your lover know that your desire for them is burning like the fiery sun. Save the red roses for the special occasions, and go for the orange roses as a spontaneous, unexpected gift.

Step 8

Send a strong message to someone with black roses when the relationship is over. This is one way to show an ex-lover that you are dying without them, or perhaps that you never want to see them again.

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