How to Grow a Plant Fast


Different varieties of plants grow at different speeds. However, it is possible to increase the speed and quality of growth by following certain procedures. Plants need nutrients such as water and sunlight, proper pruning and fertilization to encourage growth. All of these elements give the plant energy which translates into more foliage, bigger blooms and hardier crops.

Step 1

Expose your plants to the appropriate amount of sunlight daily. Putting plants in a location that doesn't meet their sunlight needs will cause the plant to grow much slower.

Step 2

Water container plants as soon as the soil feels dry to the touch to promote fast growth. Follow specific moisture requirements for your plants.

Step 3

Keep vegetables, perennials and bed plants moist down to their root balls. Dip a finger several inches into the ground to check for dryness. Growth will slow down if you allow the plants to wilt for any period of time.

Step 4

Snip off dead, wilted or damaged branches and stems, which sap energy from the rest of the plant. Remove the dead pieces at the connection they share with healthy stems.

Step 5

Shorten wayward branches and those that grow without live foliage. Prune stems just outside a bud in order to promote new growth at that spot. The plant will grow bushier, faster.

Step 6

Fertilize plants when they are put in the ground. Use a slow-releasing food to continually nourish the plant. Add more fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer).

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Fertilizer


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