Push Lawn Mower Troubleshooting


Push lawnmowers have been experiencing a bit of a revival, recently. Because they are human powered without an electric motor or gas engine, they are considered a "green" appliance. Push lawnmowers are generally well constructed and should last for many years, with proper maintenance. If you have a problem with your mower, you may notice it in the mower itself or in the results from the mower on your lawn. These troubleshooting tips may help.

Troubleshooting your push mower

Step 1

Sometimes screws and bolts on your mower may loosen over time. If you notice abnormal noises, such as metallic rattling, tighten any nuts and screws that may be loose.

Step 2

If the grass is not cutting cleanly and is turning yellow, check the blades for sharpness and the gap between the roller and the lower blade, Also, check the cutting height too see if it is too low. Reset the height to a higher setting, if necessary. If the grass is still not cutting cleanly, sharpen the blades.

Step 3

If the mower is leaving deep tracks in your lawn, it is not the mower at fault. The problem is usually excessive water in the soil. Allow the lawn to dry out before mowing.

Step 4

If your mower skips when pushed, check the teeth on the gears that drive the unit for wear. If worn or broken, have the gear assembly serviced.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Blade sharpener


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