How to Arrange Things in a Garden Window


Garden windows are sometimes called greenhouse windows because they are designed to allow the homeowner a sunny indoor spot to grow herbs or flowers. These windows range in styles from full glass enclosures to cantilevered windows with windows on three sides. Often these windows have ventilation and one or two internal glass shelves. These allow light to pass through to all of the shelves so that the entire window can be used to grow plants.

Step 1

Determine the orientation of your garden window. A simple compass can tell you if the window has a southern exposure. A window that is fully exposed with a southern orientation will tend to be much hotter than a window located on the north face of a house. Check for overhanging trees, roofs, fences or other obstructions that limit the sunlight to your window.

Step 2

Discuss the amount of sunlight your window receives with your local greenhouse. Ask for recommendations on herbs, plants or flowers that will thrive in the conditions of your particular window. High light, heat tolerant plants suitable for an upper shelf might include jade plants, succulents and cacti and herbs such as basil, sage and thyme. Less tolerant plants suitable for a lower shelf might include African violets, geraniums and Christmas cacti as well as herbs such as oregano and parsley.

Step 3

Select plants that should do well in your window. Make sure you select pots with good drainage and good soil for the plants you will be growing. Indoor plants often need more water and amenities than outdoor plants.

Step 4

Arrange your plants based on their sunlight needs. Top shelves of garden windows, near the glass, will tend to receive the most sunlight and heat. Bottom shelves and plants positioned away from the windows will receive less sunlight or they might be partially shaded by the position of other pots casting shadows. Plants and pots tend to look best when arranged in odd numbers like 3 or 5. Arrange your pots on each shelf so that each pot will receive good sunlight.

Step 5

Add a few glass decorations to add sparkle to your windows. You can position crystals inside the pots or in between the pots on the glass shelves.

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  • Gardening Know How: Growing an Indoor Window Sill Herb Garden

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