Flowers & Plants That Can Live With Direct Sunlight

If your landscape is in full sun, it is still possible to have a full, lush, healthy garden with lots of plants and flowers. There are just as many landscaping plants that grow in full sunshine as there are that grow in full shade. It is just important to choose ones suitable and tolerant of full sun that can be grown in the ground or in planter pots. These include a mixture of border plants, perennials and annuals.


Many annuals can be grown in full sun areas from the ground or containers, and are great for filling in borders and gaps. Many of the full sun annual choices are also drought-tolerant, so they great for desert climates. These varieties include zinnia, marigold, petunias, rose moss, sunflower, salvia, ivy geranium and coleus.


Most of these full-sun perennials are low maintenance, but it is important to make sure you use plants that are best for your region or soil. If you choose to grow the plants in pots, keep in mind that you need to use the ones that are most drought-tolerant. Some of the popular full-sun perennials are lamb's ear, hibiscus, lavender, artemsia, miniature roses, dianthus, coneflower and shasta daisy.

Border Plants

Borders are a great landscape area for full-sun plants, especially if you stick with native plants. Ideal border plants for direct sun locations include sage, lavender, verbena, day lily, yarrow, aster, shasta daisy, purple coneflower, butterfly weed, sedum, bee balm and lamb's ear.

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