How to Use Bamboo Stalks for Gardening Pole Beans


Anytime you want to plant pole beans you're going to need to support them. When you support them and allow them to grow vertically you not only make it easy to harvest, but also free up ground space in the garden for more plants. The important thing to remember if you plan to use bamboo stalks for gardening pole beans is to set up your bamboo stalks before you plan to plant in the garden so you can give them a stable support without disturbing any roots.

Step 1

Hold two bamboo stalks, or place them on the ground, 2 feet apart. Cross one end so it makes a V shape leaving 3 or 4 inches of stalk above the intersection point.

Step 2

Weave the string or twine around the intersection point and between the stalks and tie in a knot. Typically a foot of string should be enough, but use however much you need to make it secure. Create a second V in the same manner.

Step 3

Measure the row in the garden where you want to plant your beans and mark two points 6 1/2 feet apart for each end of your support system. Place the V pieces at each point with the bottom of the V 2 feet apart, straddling the row, and the intersection up in the air.

Step 4

Dig a small area to plant each the feet of the stalks 6 inches deep or more. Set the feet in their dug holes and cover over, packing the soil in around them to secure.

Step 5

Place one piece of bamboo stalk across the tops of the two support frames so it rests in the intersection of each of the V's. Secure this top stalk with twine to hold it in place. This top piece should stick out about 3 inches on the outsides of the frame.

Step 6

Space the 10 other poles out vertically approximately every 6 inches with one end on the ground and the other end resting against the top bar of your support. Once each pole is in position, evenly spaced out, push the base of the poles into the soil up to 6 inches deep and weave string at the top to secure it to the horizontal bar.

Things You'll Need

  • 15 bamboo stalks, 7 feet long
  • String or twine
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Shovel or hand trowel


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