How to Arrange Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers with large blooms in pink, lavender, blue and white, and have deep green foliage. These flowers make beautiful and cheap arrangements for all kinds of occasions. Depending on the theme of an occasion, you can put several single-colored hydrangeas in matching vases, and place them in strategic areas for subtle yet stylish decoration. These warm and welcoming flowers brighten up any corner and add visual appeal to any backdrop.

How to Arrange Hydrangeas

Step 1

Purchase hydrangea flowers from your florist. If you are making arrangements on a large scale, inform your florist prior to the occasion so you have the amount you need. Make sure you purchase them in the color you want if you have any theme in mind for your occasion, or buy randomly colored ones. Pick your vase to match the hydrangeas. These flowers are quite weighty, so smaller vases will work better than larger ones.

Step 2

Decide whether you want all the hydrangeas to be the same height, or of varying heights, so you can cut accordingly. To make the decision easier, hold a flower outside the vase so the end of its stem is in level with the base. Raise the flower a bit to see how a slightly taller arrangement will look. Determine where on each flower you want to make the cut and place your finger there. Cut the stems to the appropriate size with a sharp pair of scissors. Make the cut at an angle so the flowers can absorb water easily.

Step 3

Add several inches of colored marbles to the base of your vase if it is transparent. This creates visual interest and dresses up an otherwise ordinary vase. Try to keep the marbles a single color, and preferably the same as the hydrangeas. However, you can also contrast it so your vase looks more colorful. Pour water that is at room temperature into your vase, until it is about two-thirds full.

Step 4

Place the tallest hydrangea in the center of the vase and push it slightly down through the marbles so they can hold it in place. Surround it by shorter hydrangeas. If your hydrangeas are the same height, add them to the vase one by one, pushing each stem into the marbles.

Step 5

Dip the cut stems of hydrangeas in boiling water for up to 30 seconds, then in a container or bucket with cool water. This will prevent the flowers from wilting soon, allowing them to last longer.

Things You'll Need

  • Hydrangeas
  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • Marbles
  • Water


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