The Best Flowers for Zone 5

Starting and maintaining an attractive and long lasting flower garden in a zone 5 climate can be challenging. States like Missouri, Pennsylvania and Iowa have varying temperatures that require special care when choosing and planting flowers.

Sweet Woodruff

A low-growing ground cover, sweet woodruff thrives best in shaded areas as a summer plant in zone 5 regions. It produces tiny, fragrant white blossoms that resemble larger versions of baby's breath blossoms. Plant sweet woodruff in partial shade during mid-spring to produce flowers by June in colder regions. As a ground cover, the plant is most attractive when planted near walkways and ponds.

Foam Flower

The foam flower is unusual, beautiful and easily grown in cooler climates such as zone 5 regions. It is identified by its star-shaped clusters of white flowers. It has a shallow root system, so it should be planted as a companion plant to ground covers for added protection from elements. If planted in early spring, the perennial plant will bloom every season from April through June in zone 5 areas.

English Roseum

The English roseum is a very hardy flower that is tolerant to both hot temperatures and frost. Its versatility to climate makes it a wonderful addition to any zone 5 flower garden, and its beautiful multi-colored blooms add a splash of cheer to your landscape. Plant it in either planters or raised flower beds to assure that the soil is well drained for the health of the plant.

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