Easy Ways to Clean a Garden Tub

A garden tub can be an ideal addition to a garden for several reasons. It can hold an herb, vegetable, fruit or flower garden, add an architectural element to your garden or become a floating bird bath with water lilies. It can also provide a challenge when it comes to cleaning, since a garden tub is often large and deep. Usually a garden tub must be cleaned if you are changing what is in the tub, such as switching it from a flower bed to a birdbath. But you can clean the tub with a few simple materials, time and patience.


Remove everything from the tub that you can, whether it is the entire inside or just the outside you are cleaning. This process can vary greatly, depending on what is in the garden tub. If your garden tub is a flower bed, use a shovel to get out all of the plants and dirt as much as possible. If it is a bird bath, remove all water lilies or other decorations, and tilt the garden tub over to spill the water out. You may need assistance for that type of cleaning. Gather the right supplies for the job, whether you just need to clean it lightly or with heavy scrubbing. You need a hose that sprays water, a liquid tub cleaner, a towel, a scrub brush and mop for sure. Create a homemade cleaner by filling a spray bottle with equal parts of vinegar and warm water, plus a few teaspoons of ammonia.

Light Cleaning

Use the hose to spray down the entire garden tub to get rid of any loose debris. Use the pre-made solution or whatever cleaning product you desire. Soak it with the cleanser, then let it sit for a couple minutes to let it set in. Use a sponge to rub the cleanser into and around the inside of the garden tub. Rinse it out with the hose and see if it is clean enough. This type of light cleaning is ideal for tubs that have light dirt debris from being a flower bed, or if it is very dusty.

Heavy Cleaning

Use a stiff bristled scrubbing brush on the garden tub to get rid of heavy dirt and debris. Scrub it until it is as clean as you desire. Use a mop to clean the tub thoroughly from top to bottom. Rinse well with the shower attachment. This type of cleaning is ideal for garden tubs that have been a bird bath and may have water calcium or scum buildup, or old garden tubs that have had dirt or other materials sitting in it for a long period of time, or that has effects from severe weather or rain.

Drying and Polishing

Many garden tubs dry with water spots that can make them look still dirty even after they have been cleaned. To get rid of these, wrap a microfiber towel around the mop's head and use it to dry and buff your garden tub. This may help after you have already cleaned the tub thoroughly with cleaning solution and scrubbing. If this doesn't work, use a specialized cleaning solution for water spots.

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