Hostas Flowering Factors

The hardy, low-maintenance hosta produces fragrant blue, lavender or white flowers. Some of the most popular shade perennials, hostas are chosen by gardeners more for their attractive foliage than their flowers. The leaves come in elongated, heart-shaped leaves in many sizes, colors and textures among the hundreds of hosta species. Hostas also go by the name plantain or shade lily.


Hostas produce flowers in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 8, meaning they can survive minimum winter temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Hostas require light shade, as most will scorch or burn when they're exposed to strong sunlight or allowed to dry out. However, some varieties can withstand full sun, particularly while growing in cool and overcast regions.

Soil & Water

Plant them in rich, deep, moist soil. Humus-rich soil is especially important if you're growing hostas in full sun. Water the plants if it rains less than one inch per week.

Season & Planting

Hostas bloom their flowers in late spring to early summer. Space the plants one to three feet away from each other. In order to prevent overgrowth, divide them into clumps in early spring every third or fourth year.


The size of hostas range from under four inches tall to five feet wide. Gardeners use the smaller plants (less than a foot tall) on the edge of paths or in front of garden beds, while the medium and large-sized varieties are used as ground covers or accent plants.


Some examples of hosta flowers include the fragrant white flowers of the August lily, the dark purple-blue flowers of the Decorata cultivar, the lavender flowers of Fortunei Albomarginata, and the bluish white flowers of the Frances Williams species.


These plants don't have encounter too many problems with pests, but they are favorites among snails, slugs and deer hunting for food. Viral infection, crown rot (usually in warm climates), and leaf spot are among the few disease that can occasionally catch this plant off-guard.

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