How to Hang Garden Stakes


Garden stakes come in an enormous variety--everything from dragonflies to elaborate flowers, small signs and shepherd's hooks. These stakes are designed to be pressed into the soil of planting pots or gardens so that the decorative element rises above the plantings. Some people like to adapt these decorative pieces into garden art that can be hung from tree limbs or even from the bottom of hanging pots. It's easy to do with the right tools.

Step 1

Mount your wire bending jig to a workbench so that it is well attached. You will be applying pressure to the jig.

Step 2

Wear thick gloves to protect your hands. Take your decorative garden stake and determine how you can bend the stake (wire) so that it curls around the decorative element and finishes in a small loop. Usually, with a stake that has a bird design, you would want the bent wire to curl around the back of the bird design.

Step 3

Place the stake in the jig as near to the decorative element as you can and bend the stake wire in the direction and shape that you desire. Keep moving the wire along the jig as you shape the wire. Finish by bending a curl at the top.

Step 4

Cut a length of heavy duty fishing line with scissors and thread the line through the loop and around a garden branch. Trim off any excess line.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire bending jig
  • Gloves
  • Garden stakes
  • Hammer
  • Heavy-duty fishing line
  • Scissors


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