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Around 2,000 types of lilies exist, ranging from small, delicate plants to lilies that measure 3 feet in height or taller. There are desert lily plants, lilies that grow in moist soil and water lilies that live on the surface of rivers.


White lilies traditionally represent innocence and purity. They have been depicted in religious and sentimental paintings to show the innocence of the subjects.

Water Lily

The water lily, Nuphar advena, lives in moving water and is native to Cuba and the eastern half of the U.S. The water lily flower is round and has yellow petals.


Lily flowers come in white, yellow, pink, orange, purple and red. Some lily flowers, such as the tiger lily, have spotted or striped petals.


Lilies are grown by planting bulbs. Some varieties have bulbs that are propagated by dividing other bulbs. Other varieties have bulbs that are grown from bulblets growing around the plant's bulb.


Lilies are a traditional Easter flower because of their early spring bloom time. Easter lilies are compact plants with white flowers. They are often bought as houseplants to use in Easter decorations.


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