The Best Flowers for Total Sun

Home gardeners with limited shade must plant flowers that are tolerant of full sun exposure. A wide variety of full-sun-loving flowers abound, so there is something for every type of gardener. Full sun exposure is any area that receives six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day. Be aware of the season in which each flower blooms to help determine planting times, and remember to keep up with weeding and deadheading to ensure optimal blooms.


The carnation blooms in the summer and comes in a wide variety of colors. Many people are familiar with this friendly flower, as it is often used on corsages for weddings and special occasions. Since the carnation is extremely hardy and requires little water for growth, it makes for an excellent full-sun flower.


Growing up to eight inches tall, the viola is known for its purple and violet blooms, although today's hybrids allow for a variety of colors. Needing minimal water, this flower is a favorite for many gardeners because of its low maintenance and ability to thrive in the full sun. The viola blooms throughout summer.

Shasta Daisy

A flower known for attracting butterflies, the Shasta daisy blooms in mid-summer and can grow up to heights of three feet. Again, it requires little water and takes well to full sun exposure. Staking is sometimes necessary for the Shasta daisy, since the top blooms can become heavy.


The purple colored liatris blooms in early summer and also attracts butterflies to the flower garden. Its elongated shape allow for diversity and elegance in the flower garden. Liatris also make for good cutting flowers and do best when planted in well draining soil in full sun exposure.


Coming in a wide array of colors, the daylily is a popular flower found in gardens throughout the summer. As a tolerant flower, the daylily can thrive in almost any soil and dry conditions. Like the Shasta daisy, daylilies need to be stalked to prevent them from falling over.

Sedum Autumn Joy

The sedum autumn joy blooms in late summer and well into fall. A wide variety of shades make up its color palette, and it is extremely easy to grow, making this a winner for beginning gardeners as well as veterans. The flowers bloom in large clumps that boost in size each year.

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