How to Color Flowers


Flowers come in an array of dazzling colors, but you can create your own color combinations and bright colors at home with colored dye. Customize your flowers to go with any decor, holiday and for any special occasion. Doing so requires some time, patience and basic materials.

Step 1

Obtain some light colored flowers, such as white carnations or roses, from the local florist. You can even experiment with other flowers or colors after you get the hang of the process, with yellow or light pink tulips, lilies, daffodils or similar.

Step 2

Use a sharp knife to cut off the flower stems diagonally at the tips. This will help the water to be taken up more easily into the flower.

Step 3

Fill a vase with clear, clean water. Add food coloring in the desired color. Feel free to use a large amount as it can take quite a bit to completely change the flower's color. On average, to change a flower's entire color, you should use at least one full bottle of food coloring. The more you use, the darker the flower will be. Put the flowers into the colored water.

Step 4

Watch the flowers and remove them from the colored water once they reach the depth of color you want. Flowers can range from having just colored petal tips, to being entirely one deep hue.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers
  • Sharp knife
  • Vase
  • Water
  • Food dye coloring


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