Ideas for Landscaping Around the Home

Update your landscape using your favorite plants and flowers. Create lush and vibrant garden beds and spaces to use for entertaining friends and family. String a set of outdoor lights along a walkway or outdoor patio for a magical, warm glow. With a few simple elements, it's easy to turn your outdoor landscape into an inviting, relaxing space.

Herb Garden

Herbs are very hardy plants and can be tucked into small spaces and crammed in together, ideal for those who have small landscapes. Most herbs require full sun, so make sure the space receives at least four to six hours of direct sunlight per day, which will ensure a prosperous and healthy herb garden. Use perennial herbs, which come back each year, mixed with annual herbs for a vibrant and beautiful design. Plant tall herbs like cilantro, dill and rosemary in the back of the bed. This will create the backdrop to your bed and help frame the rest of the space. For the rest of the bed, plant medium- and small-sized herbs like basil, sage and the ever-lovely creeping thyme. After planting your herbs and to help them retain water during the hotter months, lay a thin layer of mulch around the garden. Mulch not only prevents weeds from shooting up, but provides a nice contrast to the herb garden.

Paved Path

Pavers, which are made from stone and come in a variety of sizes, are the perfect way to great a diagonal garden path across your backyard. The square paver can be placed side-by-side for a seamless design or every 5-10 inches, so you can plant grass or your favorite ground cover. Lay the pavers down and have fun placing them around your landscape to create your own interesting design. Once you've determined their placement, take a quick snapshot to refer to during the project. For a lush design, plant creeping thyme in between each stone and for a fragrant scent. Over your paved path, install an outdoor patio set for evening meals. Accent the edges with colorful containers and potted flowers.


Nestle an arbor or pergola alongside the herb garden, or leading to and from the garden path and as a stunning focal point to your landscape. Pergolas are an ideal space to use for outdoor living and dining and look stunning when covered with your favorite flowering vine-like wisteria or creeping hydrangea. Pergolas are also ideal for placing an outdoor dining table underneath to use for entertaining or enjoying a glass of wine on a warm summer night. Over time, watch the space become a shaded tunnel of cascading blooms and the go-to place for every meal.

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