Easy Plants for the Office

Just because you are at work does not mean the environment has to be bland and boring. Spice up your office with lush green plants to create an inviting atmosphere that promotes good health. Even though you may choose plants because of their beauty, some choices filter the air and add invigorating oxygen to the environment, too. Pick out some easy-care plants to breathe fresh air into your office and watch your energy increase.

Peace Lily

Select a peace lily if you want an easy-to-grow office plant that is known to improve the air quality too. These delightful plants have lush green foliage that survives well in poor light. Place in a location that is 5 to 8 feet from the window and provide water whenever the soil dries.

Spider Plants

Choose a spider plant if you have natural light from a window. Tiny cascading spiderlets make this an appealing plant that requires little care, but it does take up a bit of room. Hang the spider plant near a sunny window, but avoid direct sun in the afternoon. Most tolerate early morning sun from eastern or northern windows.

African Violets

African violets add a splash of color to the office and grow well under fluorescent light. Keep the soil moist and avoid wetting the leaves when watering to keep this beauty blooming.


Philodendrons are climbers and can be grown in pots and allowed to trail over bookcases or window frames, or in hanging baskets with trailing vines. These low-maintenance plants grow in low-light conditions and provide lush green foliage to bring a touch of nature to the office.


Pothos grow similar to philodendrons and can tolerate low to medium light. The heart-shaped glossy leaves makes this plant well-suited for adding visual appeal to corners or dark areas.

Corn Plants

Use Dracaena (often called the "corn plant") to create a natural divider to shut out distractions. This plants grows to heights of 4 feet--making it ideal as a natural screen--and works double-duty filtering the air as well.

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