What Can I Plant in a Tall Cylindrical Container?

Containers filled with your favorite flowers and shrubs are a lovely addition to a front entrance or back porch. Create focal points using large containers flanked on each side of your front door. For a balanced container design, mix different heights and colors together. Use draping plants mixed with bright perennials flowers for a gorgeous addition to your home. Add colorful annuals to your containers that can be changed out each season for a fresh design.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs like dwarf Alberta spruce and cedar are the perfect addition to a cylindrical container. With their tall and elegant shape, coupled together with the tall and slender container, you have a stunning design. Both evergreens are excellent at filling out the container and overtime, will grow tall and straight. Because they are evergreens, they remain their vibrant green all year round. Another lovely evergreen is the skyrocket juniper. With its narrow and bluish-green foliage, this juniper can grow up to 15 feet in height and will provide a burst of color during the cooler months. Nestled on either side of a front entrance or garden walkway, the skyrocket juniper is a must for container gardeners.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are lovely inside containers due to their upright and full form. Fountain grass, a gorgeous ornamental grass has a full and mound-like shape that when in bloom bursts with white and purple flowers. Fountain grass will grow well into the winter and during the fall months will change to a yellowish gold color. This grass is also a great container addition because it can tolerate full to sun to partial shade. Another gorgeous ornamental grass is blue fescue. With its mound-forming design, this semi-evergreen perennial grass looks stunning in tall containers. The bluish gray foliage will contrast with surrounding plants and is sure to be a showstopper around your landscape.

Cascading Plants

Plant cascading plants in your tall container for a magnificent draping effect. As they grow, watch them billow out and over the pot for a stunning look. Red and green sedum is a gorgeous cascading plant that will drip down the container, as well as help to fill out around the base. Creeping phlox, with their magnificent blooms and sweet scent, is also a must for your container. Phlox comes in a variety of colors to match with the current container palette. Add a sprig of creeping thyme to the container for a splash of green that can also be used in your favorite meals.

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