Flower Care Tips

Many types of flowers exist, from annual to perennial, hardy to tender and tropical to temperate, but they all have one thing in common: they need proper flower care. While each flower has certain needs that need to be met in order to thrive, some flower care tips are essentially universal to all flowers.

Planting Position for Flowers

Be sure to plant flowers in the right place. If a flower needs full sun, plant it where it will get at least 6 to 8 hours of sun a day. If not, the flower may not grow well. The same is true for partial shade and shade loving flowers. However, keep in mind that full sun in the Mojave Desert is different from full sun in Maine. If the sun is particularly harsh where you live, partial shade may be best even if full sun is required.

Soil Requirements for Flowers

Test your soil before you plant any flowers in it to be sure you have the right kind of soil for that type of flower. Most flowers need well drained soil, but some grow well in boggy waterlogged soil, like marsh mallow; while some grow best in dry sandy soil, like sea pink. Also, check your soil's pH to make sure it isn't off the chart in one direction or another. Too acidic or too alkaline a soil can hurt flowers, unless they like that sort of thing.

Water for Flowers

All flowers need water, but you need to know the right time to water flowers. Some need moist soil at all times while others are quite drought-tolerant and can handle long periods of time without a drink. A good way to tell if a flower needs watering is if its roots are drying out. Dig your finger into the soil to a depth of 4 to 5 inches around the base of the flowers. If the soil is dry, water the flowers. If the soil is moist, you probably don't have to water the flowers yet.

Pruning for Flowers

While some flowers don't need this, most will thank you if you remove dead leaves and foliage from time to time. This will give the plant energy to focus more on new growth, which could mean more flowers. You can also dead head some types of flowers and get another bloom out of them, although this will prevent the flower from self-seeding.

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