How to Use an A/C Drain to Water Plants


Water from your air conditioner that drips away during the summer can be collected and saved to water your plants during the dry heat of the summer when water resources are less plentiful. You will be saving water and money if you have to pay for your water and sewer. It's just another way to become a little more economical.

Step 1

Attach a section of drip irrigation hose to the end of your central air conditioner drain hose outside. Usually it runs away from the house for at least a few feet. You can pick up some plumbing fixtures to couple the drain hose to the drip hose. Run the hose around some flowers or bushes for a steady source of water.

Step 2

Place a rain barrel under a window unit with a section of gutter attached to the top. Make sure you have ends on either side and a downspout to fit into the opening of the rain barrel. You will now have water to use for any outside projects through the hose spigot installed at the bottom of the rain barrel.

Step 3

Plant water-loving flowers and herbs where the air conditioner water collects. Mint loves being near a water source and other herbs like oregano, parsley and coriander. The most well-known water-loving plant is the watermelon, which will produce huge sweet melons from the constant source of water.

Things You'll Need

  • Drip irrigation hose
  • Plumbing connectors
  • Rain barrel
  • Gutter attachment parts
  • Water-loving plants


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  • Total Outdoor Water Ban: A Survival Guide
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