Rose Centerpiece Ideas

Before your next dinner party of shindig, create a stunning centerpiece using your favorite flowers. Use flowers and plants found in your garden to create your design and to keep your costs down. Balance the vase using various bloom heights mixed with cascading plants or herbs. As a parting party gift, create small individual flower vase your guests can take home to enjoy. Use unexpected vases like jam and jelly jars for an elegant yet simple design.

Floating Roses

For an elegant and stunning design create a floating rose centerpiece. To ensure the roses remain upright on the water and don't tip over into the vase, use symmetrical blooms. To create the rose centerpiece, cut the roses one inch from the base of the bloom so you have a small piece of stem left which will help to anchor the rose in the water but is unnoticeable when placed in the vase. Use a clear vase meant for floating flowers or candles for this gorgeous centerpiece. Fill up the vase three-quarters of the way with water and begin laying the rose blooms over the surface. For a simple design, use the same color like traditional red roses. For a colorful and fun display, use yellow, pink, white and red blooms. Let them float around the centerpiece for a lovely addition to your table. Don't worry if petals drop in the water--this will only add to the beauty of the centerpiece.

Simple Design

For a simple yet lovely rose centerpiece, use cabbage roses. As their name indicates, cabbage roses resemble the heads of cabbage and are stunning in a bouquet together. Yellow cabbage roses with their layers of soft petals and fragrant scent, stand out when placed in a brightly-colored vase. Use a tall slender vase to create this centerpiece. Bright green and yellow vases contrast nicely with the yellow blooms and green foliage and will help to support the delicate stems. For a smaller centerpiece on the table, cut the cabbage blooms down two to three inches from the head of the bloom and nestle them within a short fat vase. Now you have a smaller yet stunning design you can recreate down the entire length of the table.

Roses and Herbs

Create a fun summer arrangement using white roses, white dahlias and bright green herbs. Mixing in a vibrant green herb like mint contrasts with the white petals of the rose and will have your senses going in no time. Add in white dahlias for a full and vibrant centerpiece design. The sweet scent of roses mixed with the vibrant mint fragrance is a show stopper on any table. Don't be afraid to experiment with different herbs found in your garden. Cascading thyme or silvery clumps of sage look lovely draping down an unusual vase like an science beaker. The clear glass of the beaker is lovely and an unexpected touch to the centerpiece design.

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