Ideas for Flowers in Barrels

Container gardening is a great way to bring flowers, trees and shrubs onto a porch or patio. Using barrels as containers for flowers can provide enough soil to incorporate a moderately sized tree or shrub. Ideas for flowers in barrels include low, ground-cover creeping plants and tall, erect flowers such as tulips and lilies. Flowering shrubs and trees can also be included as flowering barrel plants.

Mock Orange

The mock orange (Choisya ternata) is a drought-resistant, evergreen, fragrant shrub that will attract butterflies. It is a 6-8 foot shrub with 2-3 inch long leaves. Flowers are fragrant and white. Blooms are 1 inch wide and four or five petals appear in spring to summer. Plant a mock orange in full sun in cool summer weather or light shade in hotter summer-weather locations. Propagate via summer semi-ripe stem tip rooting.


The daylily (Hemerocallis hybrids) is a perennial with 10-40 inch strap-like leaves and stalked flowers. Flower colors and sizes vary, with each bloom lasting a day. However, it will flower for a long period of time. Plant a daylily in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Propagate by clump division. Divide every 3-5 years for best plant growth.

Mountain Marigold

The mountain marigold (Tagetes lemmonii) is a fragrant, drought-resistant perennial that attracts butterflies. Lacy leaves are 2-6 inches long and fragrant. Flowers are 2 inches wide and bright yellow. The plant gets 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Plant a mountain marigold in full in or light shade in well drained soil. Propagate via spring clump division, seed and cuttings.


The coralberry (Ardisia crenata) is an evergreen shrub that attracts birds. It gets 2-6 feet tall with dark green leaves and white or pink flowers. Berries are red and long-lasting. Plant a coralberry in rich soil in shade but it can tolerate some direct sun. Propagate via seed or by volunteer seedlings.

Chenille Plant

The chenille plant (Acalypha hispida) is an evergreen shrub. It can get 6-12 feet tall and 3-6 feet wide. Oval leaves are 4-9 inches long. Flowers are red or purple (rarely white); in catkins, 8-20 inches long. They are dense and velvety. Plant a chenille plant in full sun or partial shade with frequent watering. Propagate via summer cuttings or by semi-ripe wood tip cuttings.

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