How to Cut Snapdragons to Produce Blooms


Snapdragons provide brilliant color to annual beds and borders with their upright pikes of showy blooms. While dwarf varieties are ideal for adding color to beds, taller varieties make excellent cut flowers. These delightful flowers range in color from white to shades of pink, red and bronze and bloom from early summer to fall if deadheaded and pruned properly.

Step 1

Deadhead fading blooms by cutting out the spike of blooms and discard. Plants that are allowed to go to seed on the vine stop producing new blooms as the plant thinks it has accomplished the task of producing seeds. Removing the blooms before seed sets tricks the plant into producing more flowers for seed.

Step 2

Cut back snapdragons when blooming slows to encourage a new flush of foliage and blooms. Trim to 3 to 4 inches from the ground and water thoroughly. A boost of water-soluble fertilizer at this time encourages lush new growth.

Step 3

Pinch out center leaves when plants resume growth to force new growth at the base and along the stems. This creates a dense compact plant that produces abundant blooms within a few weeks.

Step 4

Use snapdragons as cut flowers by cutting the stems at the base. Not only does this provide you with colorful flowers for the home, it encourages the production of new blooms on the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden clippers/sharp knife
  • Water-soluble fertilizer


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Who Can Help

  • University of Illinois Extension: About Snapdragons
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