How to Build a Potting Table


Every gardener needs a potting table. Potting tables grant you work space for filling seed trays, transplanting and basic plant care. They should be at least waist high for comfort and provide ample space to have all your tools close at hand. Potting tables can be purchased from your local garden center. Simple wooden potting tables can be built easily with basic supplies and tools.

Step 1

Set up the wooden saw horses. There should be 7 feet between the saw horses.

Step 2

Place the sheet of plywood on a flat surface. Measure along the 8 foot side and mark a line 6 inches in from each end of the plywood. The line should run vertically and parallel to the short (4-foot-long side) of the plywood.

Step 3

Place the plywood on top of the saw horses. Align the saw horses with the lines at 6 inches on each end of the plywood. Then center the saw horses so that the plywood is balanced on top. Secure with wood screws.

Step 4

Lay the 8-foot-long boards flat on the ground. Mark 6 inches from each end of each board. Use the circular saw to remove the 6-inch sections.

Step 5

Align one long board with the 4-inch-wide section flat against the saw horses. The top edge of the board should be flush with the bottom of the plywood. Secure with screws. Repeat this with the other board on the opposite side of the saw horses. This stabilizes the saw horses as legs for your potting bench.

Step 6

On the right-hand side (left if you are left-handed) measure in 12 inches from the edge of the plywood on the long side (8 feet side). Mark a line vertically.

Step 7

Measure 12 inches from the top edge of the plywood and from the bottom edge and mark a 2-foot-long line horizontally. This should create a 2-foot by 2-foot square on the table top. Cut this square out of the table.

Step 8

Measure a square on the rabbit fence. The square needs to be 2 feet, 2 inches by 2 feet, 2 inches. Place the rabbit fence over the hole.

Step 9

Cut the third 8-foot-long board into four 2-foot-long sections. Place each one over the rabbit fence to create a frame around the square hole. Secure with screws. This will hold the rabbit fence in place.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 wooden saw horses
  • 1 sheet 3/4-inch plywood, 4 feet by 8 feet
  • 1 1/2-inch wood screws
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter's square
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver drill bit
  • Circular saw
  • 3 boards, 2 inches by 4 inches by 8 feet
  • Rabbit fence
  • Wire fence cutters


  • Simple Potting Table
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