Creative Ways to Hang Potted Plants Indoors

Hanging flowers and plants inside your home brings in color and vibrancy to the space. For well-lit areas, like kitchen windows, hang sun-loving plants like Christmas cactus or jade plants. Both look lovely indoors with their vibrant green foliage. Look for unusual items you can reuse for hanging your plants. Wood planters or mesh wiring secured to a wall are perfect for planting indoor vines like ivy or exotics like orchids.

Wire Basket

Three-tiered wire baskets--typically used to hold onions and vegetables--are a great way to hang your potted plants indoors. Line the basket tiers with moss, which helps to retain moisture near the plants' roots. Then, add a layer of nutrient-rich soil to ensure the indoor plants remain healthy and hardy. Orchids, which love moss, look particularly lovely inside the basket and draped over the sides. Choose a spot in your kitchen window or living area to hang the basket. Add a longer chain for hard-to-reach areas of your home. With the built-in hook on the three tiered basket, you can hang your indoor plants anywhere that receives good sunlight throughout the day.

Pot Rack

Pot racks are not just for pots and kitchen accessories. Use a ceiling- or wall-mounted pot rack to hang your favorite flowers. Pot racks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which can be used in small or large areas of your home. Their steel and metal designs are universally attractive and will contrast nicely with the green plants. Mounted to a wall or ceiling, a pot rack provides sturdy and adequate support for heavier indoor plants and flowers, like large jade plants. Wall-mounted pot racks are also functional because they have a shelf above the hanging rack that can be used for potted plants and flowers.


Create your own vertical garden indoors using a plant ladder. These elegant planters have a simple design where the wood ladder leans at an angle against a wall for stability and support. Inside each rung, there are built-in ceramic pots, which are dishwasher safe, and typically come in white or black. Some plant ladders come without the pots, allowing you to use your own containers. The bottom of the ladder sits on an angle so it rests solidly on the floor. For extra security, add a set of rubber or felt stoppers to the bottom of the ladder and enjoy your new indoor garden.

Living Wall

Create a wall of green by planting your favorite plants, like ferns and succulents ,in a wall planter. Typically made from cedar wood, a wall planter is a framed planter with a built-in grid of pockets to place the soil and plants inside. This vertical design allows your plants to grow around the planter to create a lush and living wall. On top of the unit is a hidden reservoir which feeds the plants by slowly trickling water into the pockets.

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