Screening Plants for Terrace Gardens


Terrace gardens are a stunning and magnificent outdoor focal point. With natural-colored stones and rocks surrounding the flowers, each area becomes its own interesting bed to admire. Create a screen using your favorite plants that, over time, will fill out the bed and become your private oasis and sanctuary. When planting inside the terrace, use different heights and colors to create your own design. Together, the flowers and plants will give the terrace garden a vibrant and lush look.

Step 1

Plant tall evergreens like spruce and cedar on the terrace to create a private and protective layer to the terrace garden. Space the trees out according to their maximum height and width so over time, they have enough space to grow.

Step 2

Grow large shrubs like butterfly and lilac bushes along the terraced garden to create a vibrant and colorful screen. Beginning in the spring, the screen will come to life with beautiful purple and cascading blooms. Plant boxwood shrubs along the terrace as a thick screen to provide a high amount of privacy along the terrace garden space.

Step 3

Use a dwarf maple tree like the fullmoon maple as a vibrant and lush screen to the terrace space. Plant them along the terrace for a magical design to the space. They will reach up to 15 feet in height.

Step 4

Plant exotic plants along the terrace like a purple smoke bush and rhododendrons. Both, with their snowball-like blooms, will cascade out into the landscape with their rounded shape. The vibrant colors of their blooms will create a colorful wall and stunning addition to the terrace.

Tips and Warnings

  • Water newly planted shrubs and trees at least once a week and according to their growing requirements so the roots become properly established. Under watering in the beginning stages of a plant's life can harm the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Evergreens
  • Shrubs


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