How to Border a Patio Under a Pergola


A pergola is the ultimate outdoor structure to use for your living and dining areas, especially during the warm summer months where you can watch the sun set while relaxing in your outdoor space. With a patio underneath, you can add your favorite comfortable outdoor chairs to use for enjoying your morning coffee. Adding color to your pergola by planting a creeping vine like wisteria creates a lovely addition to the space. Building a lush and stunning border around the outdoor patio jazzes up the patio and is the perfect addition to your garden bed and landscape.

Step 1

Create an outline of your patio border design to refer to throughout the project. Clear out the patio under the pergola of furniture and any other outdoor accessories.

Step 2

Remove all debris, including weeds, rocks and small sticks from the area. Rake down the soil to ensure a smooth and flat surface for your patio design project.

Step 3

Lay bricks side-by-side to create the first part of the patio border under the pergola. Slate or river rocks also can be used to create a border around the patio. Nestle them into the ground by pressing firmly on each stone. Don't worry about digging holes for the bricks or stones because overtime they will slowly submerge themselves into the soil for a snug fit.

Step 4

Nestle them around the entire perimeter of the patio and down the entryway if the pergola has a walkway or garden path leading up to the patio space. Lay the bricks or stones as far down the path as you see fit.

Step 5

Plant perennial flowers along the edge of the brick border for an added garden layer, which brings in color and texture to the pergola patio space. Use perennial plants like daylilies and cosmos. Add a creeping ground cover like white star creeper or creeping thyme around the garden bed to spread throughout the bed and cascade over the border for a lush design.

Step 6

Spread cedar mulch around the perennial plants for a fragrant addition to the patio landscape and up to the edge of the brick border for contrast inside the bed.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Bricks
  • Perennial flowers
  • Mulch


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