Cement Patio Landscaping Ideas

Bring color and vibrancy to your cement patio and transform the look of your outdoor space. Updating the patio with your favorite elements ensures your time spent outside is relaxing and enjoyable. Use the outdoor patio for entertaining friends or for enjoying your morning coffee. Add texture and color using plants and flowers throughout the space.


Containers are the perfect way to bring in your favorite flowers and plants to the cement space. Adding color to a cement space adds vibrancy and contrast to the gray surface. A great container flower is the geranium. With its bright blooms and hardy growth, the geranium looks stunning on outdoor patios. Geraniums also come in a variety of colors including red, white and pale pink. Violas, another great container flower, can withstand a hard frost and keep your patio looking colorful throughout the cooler months. With its multi-colored "face," the viola, or miniature version of the pansy flower, is a perfect plant to add in hard-to-reach areas of the container. Verbena, with its billowing shape, is also a lovely addition to the cement patio. Drought-resistant and fast-growing, verbena comes in a wide range of colors and looks stunning draped over a container.


Attach a trellis to the wall of your patio to create a focal point to your space. Adding a trellis vine will create a design that, over time, will creep around the wall for a lush and stunning feel to your space. If you don't have access to a trellis, simply train the vine to grow around the patio wall. At the base of the trellis or wall, plant your favorite blooming vine like wisteria or creeping hydrangea. Both with their fragrant blooms create a lovely addition to the cement patio. Other vines like creeping jasmine or a hardy grapevine is perfect planted along the trellis. When the blooms begin to emerge, watch the cement patio come to life. To plant the vines, use a container at the base of the trellis tor wall to plant the vines. Add nutrient-rich soil and compost to the container and the vines will be growing up the trellis in no time.


Create a privacy screen around the cement patio using evergreen bushes and trees. These perennial plants are ideal along the border to help create your own private oasis. Evergreens are also ideal because they stay their vibrant green all year long and will be a lovely contrast to the cement patio. Plant dwarf cedar and spruce along the border and for color, add a butterfly or peony bush along the edge for cascading and elegant spring blooms. Over time, the plants fill out the edges of the cement patio and shade the area, which helps to keep the cement cooler in the hot summer months. Remember when planting a cedar or spruce, you'll need more space in between each plant to allow for growth throughout the years.

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