Peony Gardening Ideas

The fragrant, easy to grow, versatile peony has been a gardener's all-time favorite for decades. Because the bloom comes in a magnitude of colors, peony garden ideas are plentiful. Peonies are ideal as borders and shrubs, or in creating a spectacular flower garden. Fashion your own stunning landscape adorned with peonies.

Landscape Borders

Peonies are ideal for lining walkways, driveways and gardens, or for surrounding yard accents like birdbaths, flagpoles, or sundials. Herbaceous peony, which is the garden type of the flower, makes the perfect landscaping plant. Use the perennial as a border around trees or a deck. With their perfect form and luscious scent, peonies offer endless ideas for landscape borders and accents. When styling a peony border, choose a color that complements or contrasts your home's facade. Consider using shades of your home's primary colors to create a palette of peony color around the yard.

Flowering Trees

Besides herbaceous peonies, another type is tree peony. As flowering trees, peonies offer several gardening options. Plant the tree in a container to accent an entryway or directly in the ground to use as a focal point in your landscape. Their shrub-like size and large single or double blooms also make tree peonies ideal as ornamental hedges. Tree peonies come in three forms: erect, spreading and partially spreading. With these options, you can add unique form and variation throughout your landscape design. Prune back and keep the peony tree as a bush or allow it to mature to a 7-foot-tall tree.

Peony Garden

Creating a peony flower garden is a perfect way to add spectacular color to your landscape from spring to fall. Play with the flower color to formulate peony gardening ideas. Select peony varieties that bloom during different times of the year and design your peony garden according to color, size and growth schedule. You might decide on creating a flower garden filled with an assortment of red, yellow, lavender, white, magenta, or pink blooms. Or consider a peony garden with alternating rows of color. Another option is weaving different shades of peonies to create a colorful design masterpiece. You might also try a graduating peony garden that starts with tree peonies in the back and graduates down in height to herbaceous peonies. Use fences or trellises as growing mediums to achieve height or spread. Or consider planting your peony garden in raised beds.

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