Red Rose Center Piece Ideas

Red roses are always an elegant and festive option for table centerpieces. Whether used for the winter holidays, romantic occasions, formal celebratory dinners or simply a Sunday family dinner, roses convey tradition and warmth. Roses are chameleons in that they can be arranged into spare modern centerpieces or lush and rococo styles and seem equally appropriate. Red roses are best used by either complementing them with red and other warm hued flowers, contrasting the red with flowers of opposite color or used on their own with or without foliage greens.

Tone on Tone Arrangements

Red roses are ideal for tone on tone arrangements layering rich red or other warm colors of varying flower species. Consider mixing one or more of the following flowers with red roses in a 50:50 mix: dahlias, gerbera daisies, carnations or tulips. Another sophisticated option is to mix several shades of red roses together, such as combining lipstick-red roses with deep reddish black roses for depth and interest.

Contrast Color Arrangements

Arrangements that use contrasting colors to red--particularly those on the opposite side of the color wheel--can give a crisp and modern look to rose centerpieces. Consider using bright lime green mums, white and green lady slipper orchids, white tulips, orange dahlias or yellow tulips to create contrast and set off the red roses.

Red Roses and Foliage Greens

Massing red roses on their own in a distinctive decorative container or swathing the red roses in deep rich green foliage is another visually arresting style of classic rose arrangement. Alternatively, complement red roses with one or more types of richly colored or textured greens such as boxwood, Italian ruscus, fine air fern, geranium leaves, galyx leaves or bright green China berries.

Economical Red Rose Arrangements

When you need to create multiple center pieces or wish to achieve a significant impact at little expense, use red roses in nontraditional arrangements. Consider floating one red rose in full bloom in a small clear glass cube vase, silver or crystal bowl of water. Cut the stem off at the base of the green sepals and float in the center of the vase. You can also make floating arrangements with multiple roses in a shallow but larger larger crystal, china or metal bowl. Another option that will look luxurious but use only a few roses is to place a single red rose in a bud vase or glass at each place setting. These single rose arrangements can also be lined up down the center of the table or scattered randomly over the table surface.

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