How to Find Discount Bulbs for Planting


Bulbs are easy to plant, generally easy to care for and are a great addition to the home garden or yard. The most common bulbous plants are tulips and daffodils, which, along with other flower bulbs, make excellent borders and accents to an otherwise plain yard. Fortunately, bulbs are perennials and will bloom each year. However, the initial investment, while worth it, can be a little difficult on the pocketbook and finding discounted or cheap bulbs may be the only way for you to get started.

Step 1

Conduct a search online for cheap bulbs. Compare at least three sites to see which price is best. Use a comparison site such as Bizrate or Pricegrabber to search multiple websites for the best bulb prices.

Step 2

Buy bulbs at the end of the planting season at online or local nurseries. Purchase spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips in November or December and summer blooming bulbs such as dahlias in the late spring or early summer. Plant them a little late and enjoy late blooms or store them in a cool location until the following year. You can also plant them indoors in pots, if desired.

Step 3

Buy bulbs in bulk. Bulbs in larger quantities cost less per bulb than bulbs sold in smaller quantities. If you want a variety of bulbs, some nurseries sell packages of mixed bulbs at a better price than buying them separately. Get another gardener to go in with you for an additional discount since you can buy even more for a lower per-bulb price.

Step 4

Ask another gardener for her bulbs, which will be at the best discounted price available -- free. Bulbs self-propagate and once a garden becomes overcrowded, they need to be divided, usually every two to four years. Often, gardeners have nowhere to plant the new bulbs they just divided and are looking for someone to give them to.

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