Ideas for Hanging Planters

Hanging planters overflowing with beautiful flowering plants make an attractive addition to the garden. Hanging planters conserve space and add vertical interest in your garden. While you'll need to give hanging planters extra water, their versatility still makes them a good choice for the dedicated gardener.

English Ivy

English ivy is an old garden standard, but its dark green leaves and durability make it a good choice for a hanging planter. It will live in the damp shade of a front porch or patio and trail down the sides of the planter. It can easily live through most winters. Because you won't have to replace the plant, English ivy is an economical choice for year-round greenery.

Silver Ponyfoot Dichondra

Silver ponyfoot dichondra has small, round, shiny silver leaves that create long silver trails down the side of the hanging planter. It thrives in sun and is somewhat tolerant of dry soil. Only use half strength fertilizer, as it is easy to damage by overfertilizing. Otherwise, silver ponyfoot dichondra is easy to maintain. It is a perennial plant.

Cherry Tomato Plant

Cherry tomato plants and their smaller cousins, grape tomato plants, produce little tomatoes all summer while avoiding many of the standard garden pests, such as spider mites. They can be cut back by as much as one-third if they get unruly. Cherry tomato plants will thrive with five to six hours of full sun each day and plenty of moisture and regular fertilization.


Strawberries are becoming more popular as an addition to hanging planters because they are easy to maintain and pests are easier to control. Strawberries will need at least four hours of direct sun each day and enjoy extra water. They can live and produce fruit for several years in a hanging planter.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum produces a profusion of sweet-smelling delicate white flowers that tumble over the side of the hanging planter. It prefers bright shade and cooler weather. Sweet alyssum works well near an entranceway where visitors can smell the sweet scent as they pass by the hanging planter.

Trailing or Ivy Geranium

Trailing or ivy geranium has the same intense red or pink flowers as the standard geranium, but the flowers trail down the side of the containers. They can be difficult to find, but are easily propagated from cuttings and can be held over the winter if protected from freezing.

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