How to Make a Twig Composter


Composting is the method of reusing kitchen and garden waste to create compost--a dark, sweet-smelling, crumbly organic matter that is packed with essential nutrients, and acts like fertilizer for container or garden soil. Although compost is easily available in nurseries, it puts household trash to better use and reduces the space it would otherwise take up in landfills. Many ways exist for creating a homemade compost bin; one such method is out of twigs from your backyard or local field.

Step 1

Select a shaded site for your twig composter that has well drained soil. Make sure it is sufficiently close to your home so you can easily fill it during inclement weather. Do not hide it in a corner because it is made from natural twigs, hence creating visual interest and appeal. Measure and demarcate a 3-foot square over the site to make a twig composter that is 3 cubic feet.

Step 2

Look for long, straight. ½-inch thick twigs. You will need plenty of these for weaving your twig composter, so start collecting them well in advance.

Step 3

Take four 3 to 4-inch thick branches and pound them 1 foot deep into the ground over the demarcated corners of your twig composter. These corner posts will support the structure.

Step 4

Push three 1- to 2-inch thick branches at equal intervals between two corner posts. Make sure they go at least 1 foot deep into the ground. These branches will serve as side supports for your twig latticework. Repeat the process until all 12 branches are used, with three branches between each corner post.

Step 5

Take a long, ½-inch thick pliable twig and position it at the bottom of a corner post, allowing 3 inches of it to protrude. Starting behind the post, wind it in front of the side support next to it with the thinnest part in front as you weave, then behind the other one. Weave it in front of the third side support until you reach the back of the next corner post. Extend the twig to the other side and continue weaving it until you reach the third corner. Repeat this process until your first and lowermost row is complete.

Step 6

Repeat the same weaving procedure for the row above it, starting in the opposite direction. This time, place the twig in front of the same corner post where you started the weaving process, and continue extending it from corner to corner, until your second row is complete. Continue weaving until your have at least 35 to 40 layers so your twig composter is 3 feet high.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Spray paint
  • Hammer or mallet
  • 4 four-foot-long branches, 3 to 4-inch diameter
  • 12 four-foot-long branches, 1 to 2-inch diameter
  • 200 five-foot-long twigs, ½-inch diameter
  • Hand pruners


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