Decorations for a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are peaceful and unusual gardens which are easily enhanced to become a true outdoor oasis. Amp up your rock garden using colorful accents and cascading foliage. Enjoy being in your oasis and observing nature while listening to the calming and relaxing noise of trickling water. Watch birds and butterflies enjoy themselves in the space. For a bit of shade, nestle an outdoor umbrella in the space to enjoy in the warm afternoons and into the evening.

Outdoor Seating

Enjoy your rock garden year-round with comfortable seating. Seating is essential to bring you out and into the space, whatever the season. Having a cozy retreat is something you can look forward to at the end of long work week. Within your rock garden, place Adirondack or metal patio chairs in a corner of the space to create your outdoor oasis. Both invoke the feeling of nature and are neutral in color, perfect for blending in with the surrounding landscape. Another seating design idea is to bring in a large rock, which will bring in balance to the already existing garden. Find large rocks in your landscape or at an outdoor landscape store for an ideal yet unusual seating spot. Add a useful accent table in between the chairs and around the rock garden for your cup of coffee or glass of wine. Enjoy being outdoors and into the evening hours in your rock oasis.

Water Feature

Add to the already tranquil area by adding a water feature within the rock garden. Water invokes a feeling of peace and serenity and is the perfect addition to the space. Use a simple water feature made from stone to mimic the surrounding landscape. Stone looks especially beautiful when wet and will add a feeling of peace around your oasis. For a touch of green, add water hyacinths and lilies to the water garden. These vibrant green plants contrast with the neutral tones around the space and when blooming season begins, will produce a splash of color in your garden.

Colorful Ground Covers

Bring in color to the rock garden using ground covers and plants. Stonecrop, a beautiful ground cover is stunning against the rocks with its succulent leaves and tiny yellow and pink flowers. This mat-growing creeper will billow around the rock garden and create a gorgeous design. Another beautiful flower is the creeping phlox. With its ability to produce massive amounts of flowers in various colors, this rock garden beauty loves pockets between the rocks and path edges. It is also deer resistant, making it a rock garden must. Creeping jenny or moneywort is another rock garden essential. Easily spread and quick to grow, the fragrant flowers are deer resistant and will fill up the space with color.

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